Innovation in action

We enable our clients to digitalise their multi channel and omni-device strategy injecting innovative components into their digital transformation programs: we help them make available ready to use solutions to serve, advise and sell their services to mass, affluent, private, high net worth and business customers

Finantix recognises that financial institutions are complex organisations with layers of technology acquired over decades of operation, which is why we provide flexible component-based solutions that can slot into your existing infrastructure and digital strategy.

While we offer a wide range of applications to fill any gaps in your solution set, we never advocate a rip-and-replace strategy and always look to leverage the IT and Digital investments you have already made.

Finantix offering is based on a comprehensive library of modules and components designed for the financial services industry, which promote innovation, re-usability across business channels and devices, and helps Financial Services leverage existing legacy architectures and data facilitating the integration and reuse into new digital services initiatives.

By injecting and combining such modules into the different tailored web based or mobile apps financial services organizations have been able to accelerate their transition to digital  and focus on continuous improvement of advice, sales and services processes.







Wealth Managers


Financial Advisers