Tablet Adoption in Corporate Banking and Wealth Management

Though it made its debut in and was aimed squarely at the consumer market, the iPad is clearly also finding its way into enterprise, where its user interface and easy consumption of content make it a candidate for a number of customer-facing functions. This report looks at support for tablet devices in corporate banking and wealth management.


”…Finantix launched its Tablet Apps in 2010 and offers two sets, one for Wealth Management, where typically the adviser is visiting customers and meeting them offsite, and the other for Branch-based Services including meeting and greeting (reception desk), sales, and in-branch advisory… While they were developed as an extension of the core Finantix platform to mobile devices, the company’s underlying architectural principles mean that the App Engine and portfolio of apps can run as the mobile front end to competing wealth management platforms such as Odyssey.”


by Rik Turner


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