Plug in to our powerful suite of engines, modules and simulators to give your organisation the full Finantix experience with minimal fuss.

Available Capabilities

  • High Configurability
  • Flexible Customisation
  • Microservices Enabled
  • Reusable HTML5 Web Components
  • Easy to Use
  • Dedicated Sandbox
  • Ample Documentation
  • Multi Tenant
  • Multi Country
  • Multi Platform
  • Multi Language
  • Powerful Governance Tools
  • Intuitive Configuration Consoles
  • Dynamic Form Definition
  • Rich Integration Capabilities
  • Offline Support
  • Python Script Injection

Perfect for organisations looking to accelerate building their enterprise-grade financial solutions. Our API kits provide you with the ability to smoothly plug in to various components offered by Finantix, giving you even greater flexibility and control in delivering a solution perfectly suited to your needs. It allows you to focus on differentiating from your competitors rather than spending time on building core capabilities.

Wide Coverage

Client and Prospect

Global Position

Financial Strategy

Financial Goals

User Management

Portfolio Health Checks

Rebalancing Engine

Quotation Engine

Media Engine

Product Engine