Our Approach

Together with our implementation partners and thanks to long lasting on field experience with ready to adopt modules, Finantix has developed a proven and reliable approach on how to accelerate time to market, remove risk of failure, offer control and ownership of mission critical digital projects with the following improvements to traditional waterfall based build from scratch project methodologies

Proof the Vision

Every digital project has two main objective: offer a complete new user experience to users and at the same time be sure to deliver process and execution level tangible improvements compared to existing solutions and systems.

This phase leverages the readiness of Finantix Components allows to quickly verify with stakeholders and sponsors using working prototypes and Proof of Concept how innovative user experience concepts and mockups built by your strategic UI/UX partners:

  • will work in reality (demonstrating full use cases and not just simulated clicks)
  • can be interpreted front to back (e..g showing if a critical integration will work end to end)
  • presents critical areas or faulty use cases to be addressed during the analysis
  • can become a better basis for business case approvals and planning

It is during such phase that Finantix Components demonstrates how they will build up and underpin the final digital solution

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Quick Wins

In such phase thanks to the readiness of Finantix Components across multiple devices and users channels valuable Quick Win projects can be released with a fast time to market and low risk to the first channel or a critical device or to a critical country or a targeted  community of users in order to:

  • offer tangible early results during innovative digital projets
  • collect user feedback as soon as possible
  • fine tune assumptions and solution for critical topics like integrations or brand new processes
  • bring on board more supporters, sponsors and stakeholders
  • allow proper planning for additional phases
  • analyse and mesure KPI defined during the business case approval phase