Enabling the Digital Banking transformation with functional rich engines and modules, configurable widgets and APIs, ready components and solutions

Finantix has been continuously recognised as one of the most innovative FinTech providers

Leverage your UI/UX development platform

Make your investment in UI/UX development platforms productive and fruitful with the acceleration and savings that our domain specific, customer oriented business logic, engines, widgets and APIs can offer.

They cover critical banking processes and operations like on boarding, KYC and financial needs analysis, product illustrations and quotations, accounts aggregation and analysis, branch teller services, banking transactions, products origination and make them available on any device not only as responsive design but if needed also natively and in offline mode on tablets and smartphone.

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Be independent from your core systems

Regardless of how many data processing and sources you are running we enable you to manage critical customer oriented processes for your digital transformation project independently from the type and nature of the system to integrate with (legacy system,  solutions for specific products processing, CRM and workflow systems, data warehouses, credit scoring, bancassurance, CMS solutions, …).

We supply all the proper and required business logic that avoids any need for changes, developments or evolutions of such core systems and allows you to concentrate on the digitalisation project.

Pick & Run

Select the right solution for your digital projects

Pick & Build

Select the right components for your digital projects

Make content and media smartly available in the context of your multi channels and omni devices apps

Transform paper based processes in digital flow and activities directly connected to your core systems

Inject specialised engines, business logic and simulators into your regulated sales and advice processes and applications

Make KYC and profiling activities interactive, engaging, efficient, automated and paperless

Discover, analyse, socialise, engage, track and entertain new lead and prospects

Analyse, monitor, discover, notify and report financial services business specific events, KPIs, analytics, indicators and performances

Aggregate, normalise, reclassify, analyse and breakdown accounts, portfolios, positions, policies, assets and holdings from multiple sources and systems

Make the governance and distribution of your products and quotation rules centrally driven and ready for the digital sales transformation

Make your products origination and business transactions paperless, digitally fluid, Straight Through Processing integrated to your core systems

Inject in your digital transformation projects an enterprise grade, controllable, extendable, device aware platform

Accelerate integration to your core systems, CRM and CMS solutions, frontend tools with ready to use connectors

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