Smart Digital Content

Enable multi device and multi-channel digital content and media distribution to sales channels, partners and customers facilitating  aggregation from multiple CMS sources, content oriented interactions and meetings, rule base access and tailored sharing.

Main features

  • Integrations with any internal content management systems (CMS) or external content sources via a WebDav interface (with pass-through or phisical import option)
  • Creation of multi-level content taxonomies, categories, views, folders and tagging for categorization, aggreagtion and classification of media down to each single items
  • Specialised facilities for content oriented meeting organisation, setup, execution, audit and reporting
  • Classification, linking and tagging of research, marketing and product content, facts sheets and brochures to be then injected for navigation in any specific business process with specific showcase widget
  • Management of replication, downloading, streaming and redistribution strategies and rights at end user level
  • Definition of access, usage, printing and re-distribution rules and rights to media and content according to corporate policies, user or meeting geolocation, role, skills, rights, customer nationality and segment, meeting geolocation (only for mobile devices), compliance rules
  • Allowing agents sharing tailored content with their customer through personalised content navigation widget available for web and app integration
  • Synchronization and replica rules for mobile devices: automatic only metadata, all data when in wifi, allow 3/4G download, single or multiples download, etc.
  • Exposure of APIs for integration of services into third party application and solutions via device specific SDKs

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