Smart Digital Forms

The Finantix Smart Digital Forms Suite is a combination of modules purpose built for digitising complex insurance forms and processes making them available across channels, devices and users.

In a number of ways it goes beyond the generic electronic form based technology tools on the market by providing unmatched capabilities

  • Extend out of existing template or design from scratch any type of complex multi-language, multi regulation, product application, client origination or KYC forms
  • Map and connect forms to data stores and core services as part of the visual design tool
  • Design once and run on multiple devices the same complex forms, documents and contract rendering and completion-fulfillment checklist
  • Run offline on mobile devices the same complex forms and documents checklist making onboarding an everywhere and everytime process
  • Integrate with multi-channel and multi-devices activities and process tracking features coordinating all actors across multi devices and stages
  • Embed Finantix or third parties sign on glass, eSignature, OTP features and payments technologies
  • Seamless embed unique KYC/AML features into the whole onboarding process from pre checks to final approval including ongoing cointinous monitoring of current customer profiles
  • Connect seamless with CRM systems like SalesForce, BPM/BPMN engines like IBM or Pega or core banking systems like Temenos or Avaloq
  • Enable design and control capabilities grades to the internal team with Digital Forms Designer, BPM Engine or SDK options
  • Enable prospect and customer to monitor, track and collaborate from early beginning into the onboarding process via mobile app and web portal
  • Offer the choice to run on top of market BPM engines or directly on Finantix BPM engine
  • Integrate innovative lead and prospect generation services based on semantic engine
  • Offer a multi devices digital content management and meeting assistant tools specifically built for private banking

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