Wealth Management

Make wealth management services ready for the digital era, mixing Personal Touch and High Tech

Finantix understands that Advice and Wealth Management is about more than managing money

Advice and Wealth Management is about understanding people, their circumstances, life requirements and ambitions, and matching up the right set of financial solutions and strategies to help them achieve their objectives.

Engage customers mixing Personal Touch and High Tech

We offer modules, components, solutions and APIs that enables your organization to excel in engaging with customers and prospects in unique ways mixing a Personal Touch  (engaging KYC and FNA, profiled content, personalised reporting, tailored advice, profiled alerts) with an High Tech approach (serve customer everywhere and anytime with tablet based adviser tools, make self and assisted on boarding fully digital, provide comprehensive self customer apps).

Serve and support multiple client segments, business users and technical channels

Business Users and Technical Channels supported combinations

  • Customers: web, mobile phones, tablets, wearables, speech to device, telephone systems, smart ATMs, contactless systems
  • RMs, Branch Employees, Brokers and Agents, Managers, Middle Office users, Call Centre: desktop (web), mobile phones, wearables, tablets

Client segments served

  • Retail
  • Mass Affluent
  • Affluent
  • Private Banking
  • High Net Worth
  • Family Office

Pick & Run

Select the right solution for your digital projects

Pick & Build

Select the right components for your digital projects

Make content and media smartly available in the context of your multi channels and omni devices apps

Transform paper based processes in digital flow and activities directly connected to your core systems

Inject specialised engines, business logic and simulators into your regulated sales and advice processes and applications

Make KYC and profiling activities interactive, engaging, efficient, automated and paperless

Discover, analyse, socialise, engage, track and entertain new lead and prospects

Analyse, monitor, discover, notify and report financial services business specific events, KPIs, analytics, indicators and performances

Aggregate, normalise, reclassify, analyse and breakdown accounts, portfolios, positions, policies, assets and holdings from multiple sources and systems

Make the governance and distribution of your products and quotation rules centrally driven and ready for the digital sales transformation

Make your products origination and business transactions paperless, digitally fluid, Straight Through Processing integrated to your core systems

Inject in your digital transformation projects an enterprise grade, controllable, extendable, device aware platform

Accelerate integration to your core systems, CRM and CMS solutions, frontend tools with ready to use connectors

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