Automated KYC

Make your KYC and AML search, analysis and process accurate, regulatory compliant, combine external and internal sources, multi lingual aware, automatic, immediately readable, auditable using a semantic engine based solution specifically configured for the Wealth Management industry.

Key features and capabilities

  • Aggregate multi language searches against any internal (WorldCheck, Experian, others) or external (Google, Bing, others) structured or unstructured information sources
  • Filter documents relating to your target for Sanctions, PEPs, Legal Issues, Adverse Media, Source of Wealth and Biographical information.
  • Make searches accurate going beyond keywords by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms and sentences as they appear in the searchable data space
  • Fully customise engine’s rules based on your organization and KYC/AML criteria. Whether you have your own list of high risk countries, or your own criteria for what you consider as a PEP,  the whole automation of search and filtering can be configured in the console
  • Provide a comprehensive audit trail, keeping a record of who read what and when, and more importantly, who decided to disregard what piece of information for the report and why
  • Repeated checks for rescreening purposes remembers all disambiguated and disregarded documents evidencing only new red flags. Potentially KYC refresh processes can now be done every day
  • Identify associated people and entities will multi level scans that identifies the full network, connections and structure of individuals and organizations.
  • Deploy as a stand alone solution and console, as an invocable engine via APIs by your internal on boarding systems or integrated within Finantix Digital Onboarding solution and components

An example on how the solution works

Searching John Doe and Criminal could return numerous results, where there is no relationship to John Doe being a criminal, only that both words were mentioned in the same document. With Finantix solution we look at the structure of sentences and how elements relate to each other. Therefore, we only flag up items referring to John Doe as a criminal.

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