Robo Advice

Offer to your customers self service access to fully regulation compliant savings and investment advice, execution and monitoring tools.

Run it with your preferred flavour, style, approach, methodology and user experience.

Key functionalities

  • Smoothly configure and manage all key Robo Advice parameters like Attitude to Risk and Financial Needs Analysis questions and scores, risk profiles and strategies, asset allocations strategies and rules, model portfolio and product offering, picking rules and recommendations, risk scores and rating
  • Integrate investment and savings services within a broader and holistic range of Financial Planning functions that can offer life events oriented advice, recommendations and tracking processes for Protection, Retirement, Savings areas
  • Present advanced portfolio analytics, risk/return and KPI charts and measures for day to day monitoring and tracking
  • Offer hybrid advice via a dedicated Advisory Desk module that allows to organise a centralised pool of specialists and advisors helping customers during their investment decision journey
  • Inject, white label, extend Finantix Robo Advice services and modules into your wider digital strategy and solution using accelerating modules, widgets, APIs and mobile SDKs  with our Pick&Build approach

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