Bringing it all together, to achieve digitisation driven growth

by Nov 12, 2020

In my blog series I identified five key stages on a journey to digitally enabled growth, through coherent sales and content driven marketing strategies. In this final blog, I summarise them.

Stage One – Knowledge is power, to succeed

The more you know about your clients and contextualise your approach to them, the greater your chances of winning the sale.

Stage Two – Fragmentation predisposes to failure

Fragmented lead generation and spreadsheet management waste client intelligence, reducing chances of building relationships and business.

Stage Three – ‘Selling blind’ to clients and prospects is sub-optimal

Generic approaches result in high levels of wastage through loss of new business and revenue opportunities. With modern technologies in place, personalisation based on accurate insights is possible and at scale.

Stage Four – Sales automation and personalisation can co-exist

Augmentation of human capabilities by technology is now a crucial part of the sales effectiveness equation, achieving scale and enhancing the quality of the customer experience. And ALL systems deployed need to focus on results.

Stage Five – Success demands connectivity

A frictionless, seamless customer experience necessitates a joined-up organisational, operational and systems approach. The same applies to the sales, marketing, relationship building and value creation cycle.

2020 should and could have been THE year wealth management firms fully embraced digitisation. For the 80 percent who have not yet done so, applying systems to growth focused sales is now an imperative. It’s time to act!

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Alessandro Tonchia
Alessandro Tonchia
Co-founder & Head of Strategy at Finantix

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