Cooperating to identify and engage with clients is an intelligent approach to business growth

by Oct 23, 2020

Client winning with collaboration makes everyone a winner

For sales effectiveness, many heads within the organisation are far more productive than any single ‘rainmaker’. So how can ‘institutional wisdom’ be captured and applied to drive sales?

The answer lies in the continuing shift towards a systematic approach that I’ve blogged about in this series. How does this approach manifest in practical terms? There are three key stages.

Stage One

Building a capability to centralise lead generation and share opportunities across the sales function. This will increase capacity within the organisation to proactively contribute to identifying and engaging with prospects.

Stage Two

Building a cross-organisational view of who can most effectively contribute to prospect engagement and relationship development. For example, colleagues with pre-existing connections can make introductions. Existing relationships across a Group (say with the Corporate Bank) can be flagged and leveraged. Or specific specialists can be accessed to make an approach as relevant and rewarding as possible.

Stage Three

Building a toolkit of materials that will have the greatest positive impact when presenting to the prospect. These can include tailored content, invitations to the right events and highly personalised product offerings. All aligned directly to the prospect’s specific situation and interests.

Only through concerted and collaborative effort, to move from siloed ‘excel lead management’ to excellent and fully joined-up prospect engagement, can firms be more certain of winning, and keeping, clients.

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Alessandro Tonchia
Alessandro Tonchia
Co-founder & Head of Strategy at Finantix

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