A foundation designed for digital acceleration

Finantix Foundation is a solid, proven and reliable platform on which innovative Financial Services organisations can build their long term digital strategy and vision

Finantix Foundation derives its power from a wide set of domain specific digital capabilities, components, modules, widgets, engines and APIs designed expressively for the Financial Services industry.

The Finantix offering combines rich out-of-the-box functionality and solutions that meet Financial Services’ business requirements and a proven, solid enterprise digital enabling  architecture offering either a fast time to market and budget aware serviced model option (Pick & Run, also available in the cloud) or an empowering model for IT organisations, digital agencies, system integrators and partners to accelerate, inject, assemble, extend, tailor, combine, integrate their own solution and digital vision with solid accelerating modules and API’s (Pick & Build).

The Pick & Build option, leveraging a set of granular APIs, dedicated SDKs, specialised widgets, standard development tools, once activated, allows to control and grow the solution fully independently from Finantix but at the same time enabling the full leverage of Finantix’ product support, innovation and upgrades capabilities.

We support truly coordinated multi-channel and multi-device delivery strategies, allowing you to capture data from customers during their self service activities  and then seamlessly continue the process either face to face or in remote hybrid interaction sessions and share the relevant outcome for real time monitoring to the same customer through his mobile app or the web.

We offer  multi-currency and multi-lingual support for global or domestically-focused operations in most regions of the world. And with a range of pre-built customisable interfaces, we can draw on information from and return to any core systems, CRM repository to provide integrated client and position views across business units and allow to complete Straight Through Processing transactions from any device and channel.

Finantix believes that good management requires continuous improvement. That is why we incorporate technical tools and domain specific consoles that allow you to configure rules and algorithms, shape business processes, extend products data models, leverage APIs into your front-end development platform, design and maintain your digital forms, govern PDF templates, publish events and data to your analytical repository and respond to changing circumstances, whether they are new competitive threats or regulatory changes.