Hitting your target means really knowing your target

by Oct 30, 2020

When building effective content strategies, insight beats intuition

Many institutions still put faith in a scattergun approach to sharing content with clients. Volume is a proxy for value. Material is sent out based on a ‘feel’ for real client preferences or as part of a generic process.

The alternative is highly personalised content strategies, informed by deep client insights. The good news is that wealth managers don’t have to spend time determining the kinds of content their clients either engage with or ignore. Modern technology can do the job with very high levels of precision.

With the right enterprise level systems in place to gather feedback, updates on the content that does and doesn’t work for individual clients is constantly and readily available.

These insights range from what establishes and sustains relationships in particular geographies and segments, to how clients and advisers best engage. Omnichannel communication means that clients are always leaving ‘digital footprints’ to indicate the types of content they spend time on or ignore. These also confirm which content platforms they use most frequently.

Ongoing access to this level of insight means that clients’ behaviour towards digital content can be surfaced easily and mined precisely, to create and constantly fine tune individual content strategies.

Augment this precision by adding in any information gathered through face-to-face and other direct client interactions and you have a powerfully precise content machine. One that applies analytics instead of approximations.

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Alessandro Tonchia
Alessandro Tonchia
Co-founder & Head of Strategy at Finantix

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