Finantix launched new API offering at Singapore Fintech Festival

Singapore, 14 November 2017

Finantix, an established provider of components and engines empowering onboarding, sales and advisory processes for the financial services industry has announced today during Singapore Fintech Festival 2017, the launch of Finantix SDK (FSDK) for Wealth and Advisory.

FSDK for Wealth and Advisory is a complete set of tools accelerating the design, configuration, delivery, integration and maintenance of regulatory driven digital wealth management and advisory solutions. The FSDK offering combines a broad, granular and Wealth Management domain specific set of RESTful APIs with a robust host of services and functions to be used across the entire face-to-face, hybrid and Robo-Advisory processes, available to be deployed and injected as micro services on a selected component basis or hosted by Finantix.

“Financial institutions and their solution providers understand that one of the biggest challenges they have is time required to take their new offering or service to the market together with time and money wise dilemma while building generic capabilities instead of getting focussed in the delivery on unique business ideas or distinguishing features. With FSDK for Wealth and Advisory we are going to help them fast track their implementation while shifting focus on their solution key elements” says Jakub Downar, Head of Research and Development at Finantix.

“Our FSDK is the result of more than 15 years of Finantix experience in delivering critical engines and components to the Wealth Management industry and distils in a modern set of tools and API the key features, capabilities and micro-services required by high-end portals and mobile apps, be it assisted, a robo or a hybrid advisory style solution. We provide developers with immediately actionable engines, documented services and specialized data structures as well as AI driven analytics tools they need in their multi-channel and omni device Wealth Management initiatives. We offer APIs relevant to face-to-face and self-service processes such as lead generation, customer engaging, Single Client View and positions aggregation, (virtual) meeting facilities, regulatory and Mifid II compliant simulations, advice and proposals, risk profiling, KYC and onboarding, application and origination, sale and execution, monitoring, alerting, reporting, reviewing, automatic and constraints driven rebalancing and optimization, workflow control and management reporting.

Together with recently launched Finantix AI Gears for Wealth, our offering is really unique and allows our partners and clients to take digital advisory and self-servicing solutions to the next level. It is designed to allow clients much greater flexibility for client access and usage while offering the same tried and tested business logic and computational power that characterises the Finantix offering.”

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