Know Your Clients…better and faster – Part One

Intelligent monitoring of client risk – an AI driven approach to KYC and AML

In this webinar series, we discuss how technology can help tackle these challenges systematically and at scale, reducing both compliance costs and reputational risk for Wealth Managers. Each part of the series will have two dates for you to choose to attend. Please join us for informative and interactive events.

Part One– Know Your Clients…better and faster

Using the power of semantic search to build comprehensive client risk profiles and automate continuous KYC monitoring

During this session, we will explore:

  • More than just adverse media, how real-world AI-enabled technologies can deliver greater precision and a 360-degree perspective on the client (including source of and journey to wealth)
  • How locking an identity and establishing an intelligence baseline at onboarding are the keystones to successful monitoring
  • If you operate in emerging and frontier wealth markets, how do you ensure you are not blindsided by missing local risk intelligence. The answer need not be hiring local language expertise…
  • How can technology mould itself to policy rather than the other way around?


  • Alessandro Tonchia, Co-founder & Head of Strategy, Finantix
  • Dermot Corrigan, CEO, smartKYC

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