Leaving growth to chance is the last thing any Wealth Manager should risk, even at the best of times

by Oct 16, 2020

COVID has made Systematic Selling an imperative

What is ‘systematic sales’? We call it ‘scientifically scoring and assigning’.

Scoring brings three clear actions into play:
  • Know what you are looking for in a prospect (understand your own sales and growth criteria)
  • Apply those criteria rigorously (rely on realism not hope and assumptions)
  • Stop putting effort into ‘non-prospects’ – and stop fast – while prioritising real potential (a smaller but serious prospect list is worth a lot more than a vast but ‘blue sky’ pipeline)

Assume the lead survives scoring. Now comes the assigning

Assignment factors can be operational issues, such as using sales resource with maximum efficiency. Or they might be ‘affinity criteria’: you match a salesperson to a prospect based on a shared language, interests or cultural background. (Our technology at Finantix enables scoring against 10 different criteria, to identify the adviser likeliest to work best with each client’s profile.)

Of course, you need intelligence gathering capabilities, to create real insights into prospects to score them accurately. You also need ability to assemble and cross reference background factors, to assign best sales resource.

But with systematic selling in place, the guesswork departs. In its place, you have best match of sales talent to most viable prospects. And that’s your best chance of driving sales and revenues, during COVID or at any other time.

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Alessandro Tonchia
Alessandro Tonchia
Co-founder & Head of Strategy at Finantix

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