Finantix engines empower Crossbridge Capital’s new Robo-Advice service Connect


Singapore, 7th November 2016

On 1st November Crossbridge Capital has launched the first Singapore based Robo-Advice service Connect by Crossbridge utilising the Finantix empowered B2B platform Bambu.
Finantix Components play a core role in this innovative digital advisory solution, powering it with engines, APIs and modules used for customer registration and management, goals and needs definition, simulations and forecast, asset allocation computation and illustration, portfolio building, reporting and monitoring.

Available through a clean, multi-channel, multi-device, API architecture, pre-configured Finantix Wealth Management Components have been used by Tigerspike to provide the final solution to meet Crossbridge requirements in 3 months.

Bambu has brought together digital innovator Tigerspike and wealth management engines from Finantix to offer a Robo-Advice solution with the aim to bring to the market a proven, robust, white labelled, B2B platform than can be deployed through a fast track path but at the same time allowing full configuration of key algorithms, rules, products and methodologies by the adopting Financial Institution.
This model has been proved in rapid time.

Finantix, Bambu and Tigerspike are already working together on the next version of the Robo-Advice B2B platform by incorporating hybrid advice collaboration tools, smart notifications and alerts and customer reports specifically designed for Robo-Advice initiatives.



About Crossbridge Capital
With offices in London, Singapore, Monaco and Malta, Crossbridge Capital delivers Wealth Management, Corporate Advisory and Family Office services to entrepreneurs and families globally.
Banque Julius Baer, the renowned Swiss private banking group, is a founding minority shareholder of Crossbridge Capital.


About Bambu
Bambu is a Singapore based company started by Ned Phillips. Bambu is a B2B platform that all firms can implement into their current business to enable them to offer Robo-Advisory to their clients.


About Tigerspike
Tigerspike is a mobile technology company founded in 2003 that provides personal media technology consulting, UX/UI design, multi-platform development on smartphones, tablet, computers, and strategic expertise along with success tracking metrics, strategy, user experience, UX design, analytics and in house multi-platform development. Tigerspike has offices in Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, London, England, New York City, San Francisco, US, Singapore and Dubai.