Our business partners are essential to offering best value to our clients. That’s why they are fundamental to our success. We are proud that we partner with leading consultancies and IT vendors to help bring incisive, integrated solutions to clients.

The Finantix Approach

  • Open. We provide all Finantix clients with an open architecture. Our approach ensures they can control how their own talent and technology are deployed while challenging solutions are being implemented.
  • Proven. Our approach is proven and reliable. It covers accelerating time to market and removing failure risk. Applying the latest agile methodologies, we offer clients enhanced ownership and control of their mission critical digital projects.

Why Partner with Finantix?

  • Multi-country. Multi-platform. As a Finantix partner you can deliver multi-country and multi-platform digital implementation projects, based on our highly componentised environment.
  • Major bid opportunities. You can align your capabilities to take advantage of opportunities to bid for major digital transformation projects, globally.
  • Strong market positioning. You can combine your existing capabilities with Finantix branding and market reputation, positioning yourself strongly for installation in Tier 1 financial institutions, worldwide.
  • ‘Heavy lifting’ done for you. We do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, allowing you to focus on your clients and markets. Our deep and rich Finantix API library gives you access to engines, modules and simulators that allow you to focus on differentiating from your competitors. You can avoid spending significant time (and money) on building additional capabilities or reimplementing them across multiple channels.
  • Consistency and transparency. We offer transparent rules of co-operation, support, certification and go-to-market strategy across our whole existing functionalities suite.

Types of Partnership

As we expand our alliances and partnerships, we offer two channels to collaboration with prospective partners:

  1. Business Partnerships: Here, the focus is SaaS or on-premise solutions. We aim to join forces to leverage complementary Partner and Finantix technologies, networking or consultancy capabilities, to deliver best of breed solutions to joint customers. We carefully select our Partners, ensuring our clients have best product delivered through an optimised, seamless and holistic approach.
  2. Service Partnerships: This model is aimed at software integrators and developers. They must combine market leading position with service provision capabilities to Finantix clients, either in specific regions or globally


After training and certification through the Finantix Academy, our Partners are ready to provide the best quality client services. Our clients are guaranteed service from trained consultants who are fully familiar with, and adhere to, our standards, terminology, pricing, and overall business strategy.

Does your organisation share our mission to deliver best quality products, holistically and seamlessly, for financial industry players? If it does, contact our Partnership team to begin a conversation.

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Success Stories

At Finantix, we partner with one goal front of mind: client success. Below, you can explore examples of where we enhance, extend and accelerate client capabilities, through expertly delivered change management and digitisation projects in Retail and Wealth Banking and Insurance.

  • We enabled a client and partners to actively work and develop using our products in agile pods in just 5 weeks.
  • We helped a wealth management division to build and implement a mobile application that enables users to invest in mutual funds. Use of Finantix components resulted in reduced time to market, by significantly decreasing the bank’s development effort.
  • The application enables creation of quotations and application completion. It speeds up the quotation and proposal phases, moving to a paperless solution that avoids filling in hard copy documents and manual input by a back office team.
  • We created an ePOS digital iPad Application,  used by insurance agents to submit electronic applications for their new and existing clients. The application integrates seamlessly with other insurance systems. The user-friendly interface led to an increase in agent adaption (adoption?) rate in its first two years.
  • We provided a teller application and wealth management solution to extend in-branch sales capability through a multi-country solution.
  • Finantix application allows the end client to actively review their investment portfolio within a secure digital app on the latest mobile devices. Functionalities include zoom-in capability to view positions, weights and performances.
  • We introduced a new way for advisors to interact with their customers, through meetings  and  proposals  that are directly managed within the application. Process simplification combines with improved usability and information access for advisors.
  • We enabled client involvement in reduced time to market development and set-up of a competence center for the client pods domains. Tailored functional and technical training was provided to achieve the desired results. Key focus was on the application domain assigned to the client, in order to accelerate pods expertise and autonomy. Support included coaching across the initial development period and testing phases.