Serving more clients AND serving them better is NOT an ‘Unsquareable Circle’

by Nov 6, 2020

Within the right, technology enabled, framework, quality and quantity co-exist

No technology will ever completely replace human interaction. So, the technology debate shouldn’t be exclusively about automation. The real issue is augmentation. Especially since the impact of COVID, when advisers have never had so many demands on their time.

Keeping ten clients happy is a challenge without support. With fifty, or one hundred, or more, holding all their needs and preferences in one person’s head becomes superhuman.

New CRM tools address the ‘beyond human’ task of delivering superior service at scale. But they won’t work in physical isolation, or without clear commercial strategy. That’s why institutions need to focus on measurable outcomes, including increased sales. Then apply a systemic approach, implementing technology in a context of joined-up thinking that goes beyond physical interfaces.

With logical connectivity running through all sub-systems, KPI measurements can be built in. And shared data informs future actions. In this coordinated environment, website, content management system and CRM pull in the same direction. For advisers, benefits include automatic next best action prompts and tailored content suggestions, based on individual client profiles and histories.

With everything that can be known about a client accessible in seconds, advisers are guided towards just the right responses. They don’t need to be a superhero to deliver personal touches. And quantity and quality are no longer at odds. In fact, they are totally complementary. 

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Alessandro Tonchia
Alessandro Tonchia
Co-founder & Head of Strategy at Finantix

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