Webinar: WealthTech Talks: Getting the Most Out of Data in Wealth Management

Stephen Wall, Co-Founder, Head of Marketplace & Content, The Wealth Mosaic will interview Boris Ronkov, Co-founder and Head of Product at InCube, plus others. Discussing the value of data for all major businesses is now almost unquestioned and, while we’ve all heard the standout phrases like ‘data is the new oil’, what is the value of data in wealth management and how can firms get the most from data? In this webinar, we will be speaking with technology vendors to understand their views on how wealth managers can get the most out of data.

In this webinar, you will hear from InCube and two other technology vendors whose offerings are focused on helping wealth managers get the most out of their data, whether to understand and engage the client, manage portfolios or more. Specifically, we will seek their views on:

• Where is the wealth management sector now in its understanding of the potential of data and in delivering value from that?
• What are the leading challenges that wealth management firms face in their efforts to improve the value they get from data?
• From the perspective of the technology and tools involved, what factors will lead to a successful outcome (i.e. technology, people, engagement, integration, training, etc.)?
• What technologies and tools exist to help firms increase the value and benefit they can achieve from data?
• What are the leading opportunities for wealth managers in getting more out of data?
• Highlighting use cases and examples of where wealth managers have got more from data
• What is coming in terms of the future development and capabilities of technology and tools to help wealth managers get more from data

If you have further questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: contact@finantix.com

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