To Collaborate closer, work Remotely!

by Dec 16, 2020

Remote collaboration is here to stay. This year’s COVID-driven acceleration towards intelligent digital collaboration will continue in 2021, as wealth management firms and their clients experience the benefits it brings. 

The trend is confirmed by the analysts. Gartner’s Darrin Courtney* says: “Client-facing tools and enhanced digital interactions are priorities for wealth firms, but offerings currently fall short of meeting both institution and client expectations. CIOs delivering the digital experience can enhance digital empathy by optimising digital collaboration.”

So how do you serve clients or prospects remotely, yet personally and with ‘digital empathy’, and make delivering this level of experience practical for relationship managers as well?

Intelligent digital tools enable wealth and relationship managers to curate and communicate contextualised and personalised information to clients. They can provide tailored service, delivered efficiently.

It sounds ideal. What stopped banks from doing this before? Traditionally, in-person meetings were considered preferable as the context for personal service, even if they raised security, confidentiality and compliance concerns. Now, as banks turn digital, client/adviser conversations are fully secure and recorded. Clients receive the high touch service they value in turbulent times. And banks benefit from a growing resource of relationship insights in a context of full control.

It’s a paradox of our times but it’s also true: with the right advisory culture and enabling technologies, remote can mean closer than ever before.

*(Gartner “Enhance Collaboration Capabilities in Client-Facing Technology to Improve the Digital Experience,” Darrin Courtney, 18 August 2020).

Tiziano Coppotelli
Product Manager at Finantix

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