We Enable

With an enterprise ready, modular and highly configurable platform and pre-assembled ready solutions, we equip all key actions in your organisation to deliver frictionless services in a productive, reliably, compliant, insightful and personalised fashion.

Wealth Management

Unlock your client and prospects potential – holistic omni-channel wealth management powered by Finantix’s trusted platform accelerates your ability to deliver insightful and compliant advice, boost sales and servicing effectiveness, offer impactful products and streamline decisioning support.


We empower Insurers and their intermediaries bring their new or reconfigured products to market faster, engage meaningfully with customer across all point of interaction, make the sale closing possible on any device and transform the distribution, sale, application, underwriting process into a digital end to end experience. All this with a solid and proven API First platform.


Whether the customer touchpoint is self-service, collaborative, via contact-centre, adviser led or teller based, Finantix delivers a personalised digital banking journey while dramatically reducing costs and inefficiencies. We transform functional transactions to rewarding interactions based on deep customer insight and frictionless process consistently and compliantly.

Digital Collaboration Hub

The Finantix Digital Collaboration Hub enables organisations to rapidly and securely establish a one-stop, omni-device and multi-media collaboration channel with virtual private lounges to digitally enrich key Client-oriented activities. Engage prospects and Clients securely and efficiently by injecting value-added collaboration features to enhance your daily Client interactions for market updates and investment ideas, advisory mandate evolution and decisioning, onboarding and servicing, and actionable document exchange and collection.

CIO Cockpit

The CIO Cockpit is used by wealth managers to efficiently and optimally implement House View changes into client portfolios. It is used in discretionary portfolio management and model-portfolio based investment advisory. Our CIO APIs digitalise the workflows from Strategic Asset Allocations to House View and Tactical Asset Allocations, to mass-rebalancing of Model Portfolios. they allow wealth managers to deliver House View changes to client portfolios with unprecedented speed.

Sales, Advice and Product Management

Digitally enable attended, self-service and hybrid users’ journeys across channels and devices, increasing sales productivity, delivering compliant and personalised advice and insightful product management.

Insights & Actions

Boost holistic client intelligence, business insights and meaningful next best actions with AI driven insights and analytics.

Client and Product Data Hub

Develop rich, augmented, customer profiles and intelligence. Build an extended, content rich products, solutions and services catalogue and digital content hub.

Case Studies