WealthTech Talks: The Future Technology Infrastructure of Wealth Management

Stephen Wall, Co-Founder, Head of Marketplace & Content, The Wealth Mosaic converses with Matteo De Marchi, Head of Product innovation at Finantix plus others.

What is the future technology infrastructure of the wealth management (WM) sector? It is on this that much of the future of the sector stands as it continues its move to a more technology-led world. But with so much innovation and so much noise around the technology space, it is hard to stay on top of what is relevant, possible and worthwhile. Also, put new alongside old and the existing complexity of the so-called ‘legacy’ technology infrastructure and the complexity grows.

This webinar discusses:

• Drivers – What are the factors that are driving the need for a new technology infrastructure in the WM sector and at what stage of development the industry is in its response
• Challenges – What challenges the WM sector has that creates the needs for a new technology infrastructure and what barriers they face/will face in delivering it
• Opportunities – What can the WM industry deliver with a new technology infrastructure
• Steps – What is the path forward for any WM firm to deliver this infrastructure and what steps must they take now and in the future
• Technologies & tools – A deeper look at some of the tools and technologies that will form the future technology infrastructure
• Use cases & examples – What are some of the use cases and examples of where WMs have already employed and benefitted

If you have further questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: contact@finantix.com

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