Webinar – WealthTech Talks: Upscaling advice with Next Best Action

Stephen Wall, Co-founder & Head of Marketplace & Content at The Wealth Mosaic converses with Boris Rankov, Head of Product, InCube Group (a Finantix company) and other industry experts.

In this webinar, Stephen speaks with Boris about Next Best Actions and how, specifically in the area of financial advice, data and AI tools can support the client and relationship with more personalised and scalable advice. The discussion will look at the pressures faced by wealth management firms today and, in turn, their relationship managers, how the market is responding to those demands today and how developments in areas such as Machine Learning can support the leveraging of data from multiple sources to enhance both the client and the relationship manager experience in wealth management.

Date: Monday 23rd November 2020

Time: 9:00 am GMT

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