Webinar – AI: The Myths, The Realities, The Future

  • Debunking the myths that surround AI
  • Defining what real business impact AI offers
  • Sharing real-life examples from within and outside Financial Services

The heart of the opportunity in front of us lies in the focused application of Artificial Intelligence to offer a responsive, relevant and timely client experience at all levels.

The session provided an overview of AI theory with real-world examples and practical use cases from Financial Services, designed to illustrate what focused application of AI can, could and should deliver as tangible business benefit for banks, and as an enhanced experience for clients.

Dr. Paul Walker, member of the Advisory Board with Motive Partners, formerly co-head of Technology with Goldman Sachs; Dr. Boris Rankov, co-founder and Partner with InCube Group AG; and co-founder and Head of Strategy of Finantix Alessandro Tonchia addressed the following:

  • Real-world use cases of AI in Wealth Management: leveraging AI for client acquisition and servicing to create win-win situations for wealth managers and clients
  • The real role and business value of AI, and why wealth managers have less to fear (and more to gain) than they might think
  • A glimpse into the future: what’s next in AI and wealth management
  • Societal and ethical impacts of AI in general, and specifically in Financial Services

If you have further questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: contact@finantix.com