Webinar – Digital Collaboration in Wealth Management: improving client experience, advisor productivity and compliance control

Never before has digital collaboration become as critical, a necessity to remotely support clients as it is today. Beyond the current epidemic, digital collaboration is a key – many would even say THE key – element in the redesign of client interactions for maximum engagement and productivity of advisors (or RMs or bankers). The future of wealth management will be based on ‘deep collaboration’, even if at a distance.

Finantix – with input from many global clients – has designed a collaboration platform that revolves around the key processes of wealth management. Beyond the convenience of digital chat and calls, it helps advisors and clients shape the following activities in an intelligent and compliant way:

  • Helping clients and advisors converge on optimal investment decisions
  • Computing and disseminating personalised recommendations
  • Distributing research and content, to support better informed decision making
  • Onboarding clients and originating new products with minimum friction, and shared visibility on progress and pending tasks for each actor
  • Managing business and portfolio alerts, along with the related remedial actions

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