Webinar: Together, we can make it! Co-creation in Wealth Management

How to develop a more personalised adviser/client relationship during uncertain times

This webinar discusses the practical steps your organisation can start taking today, so that tomorrow you will become significantly more responsive and better able to reassure and inspire clients though a time of daunting change.

Post-COVID, clients are turning to their wealth managers more than ever before. They want reassurance. They need personalised investment strategies. They expect their advisers to make financial sense of an uncertain world.

The answer is co-creation, an approach that moves the adviser/client relationship forward in three important ways:

1. Real dialogue based on individually contextualised, data-driven insights
2. Across-the-business focus of expertise on personalised client investment strategies
3. New levels of client ability to input into investment solutions created not just for them but with them


  • Alessandro Tonchia, Co-founder and Head of Strategy, Finantix
  • Wendy Spires, Head of Research at WealthBriefing/Director of Client Research at findaWEALTHMANAGER.com
  • Greg Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance, Oxford Risk
  • Caroline Burkart Associate Partner, Client Insight, Human Capital Solutions, Aon

If you would prefer to set up a personal discussion, please contact us at: contact@finantix.com

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