Webinar: WealthTech Talks: Enhancing Client Discovery & Acquisition with Technology

Stephen Wall, Co-Founder, Head of Marketplace & Content, The Wealth Mosaic will interview Alessandro Toncia, Co-founder and Head of Strategy at Finantix, plus others.

Without the discovery and subsequent acquisition of new clients the wealth management sector will face a bleak future. It is widely known that the average age of clients for the majority of wealth managers is 60 or 70 years of age and that those who stand to inherit this in the huge and ongoing process of generational wealth transfer wealth are: (1) very likely to have no existing relationship with the current wealth holder’s wealth manager and (2), upon inheriting that wealth, are also highly likely to take those assets and form a new wealth management relationship with another provider.

In this webinar, you will hear from three technology vendors that offer solutions to support the process of client discovery and acquisition for wealth managers and, specifically, we will seek their views on:

• Within the process of client discovery and acquisition, what tools and benefits does technology bring to the table to support the needs of wealth managers
• At which stages of the journey and where specifically technology can support the role of the adviser and other team members
• Highlighting where and how technology has been used to enhance the process of client discovery and acquisition
• From the perspective of the technology involved, what factors will lead to a successful outcome (i.e. data, people, engagement, integration, training, etc.)
• Where there is resistance from wealth management firms, why is that and what factors or benefits can help them overcome their fears or challenges?
• What is coming in terms of the future development and capabilities of technology offerings to enhance process of client discovery and acquisition

If you have further questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: contact@finantix.com

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